About Us


We are a non-profit organization that aims to be
a sanctuary for children with special needs and their
family and friends.


My name is Dolores. I am a single parent and I have been blessed with a son with special needs. His name is Andreas. Raising him, I became exposed to a world of challenges that face, not only the children with special needs, but also us, their families and friends. It was difficult because special needs was often a taboo subject, and many people were either in denial or ignorant about it.

The labels were the then politically incorrect phrases like “mentally retarded,” “autistic”, and the like. Many people did not understand what those words meant, but they knew they didin’t like the labels. We were told not to call our children such names… The most was that our children were “different” or “slow learners”, but would catch up in time and in adulthood. In the days before the proliferation of the internet, information was scant and esoteric, and we relied on professionals for their nebulous opinions that often dealt our worlds crushing blows with their pronouncements of irrevocability. We were all of us pretty much like ostriches, hiding our heads in the sand, not knowing any better.

The needs of the child are paramount, but just as critical are the needs of the family for support and understanding as we grope with the hows and wherefores of raising children with special needs. I turned to doctors, educators, pastors, for guidance and solace, and realized that the families of children with special needs needed support too.

That’s how Center for Possibilities Inc. came about. With a group of compassionate and caring friends, all of whom knew of a child or person with special needs in their circle, all of whom wanted to understand how to help such a child and the family and friends, with a view toward developing a society of enlightened and equally compassionate people.

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